A Featured AdWare Removal Tool


AdwCleaner is one of the rare tools that scans and cleans your system of many adware, toolbars, browser hijackers and potentially unwanted programs or PUPs. They get installed without the knowledge of the user while installing some more known and popular software. They can be anything like media players, or downloading manager and any other general utility software. Their purpose is not to harm you, but eventually they end up doing just that by changing several user -specific settings and controls like in browsers, taskbar and many more. You might notice a number of toolbars being added to your desktop or some gadgets and widgets appearing on your desktop. They might cause annoying animations every time you load a web page.

Best Way To Download Heavy Files


Downloading a heavy file from the web can be a difficult task. You must have often experienced a lot of inconvenience while performing this activity. Many times, it is seen that the download is cancelled due to some technical issues. This can be very frustrating. To solve these problems, you can use an amazing software known as FlashGet. This application is very beneficial for downloading heavy files from the web. It gives very good service.

Your First Sidebar Widget

This dummy widget will automatically disappear after you will add some widgets to the Main Sidebar.